What is SEO? | Benefits of SEO

What is SEO?



SEO(Search Engine Optimization) signboard for driving quantities of visitors for your websites. And also you can reach a top place on the 1st result page of search engines. 

With crossing days it becomes a key for digital marketers as a beginner. The reason for this, anyone can organically increase the growth of visitors for any site. In this platform, there are also negative marketing exists. But these are not acceptable for long time advantages.


Like three type of SEO are:

  • White Hat
  • Black Hat
  • Gray Hat

White Hat declaration for following proper guidelines & rules from search engines. When you follow this topic that means you make the right decisions to go ahead.

Black hat declarations for totally thinking about negative sides of marketing place. Like anyone can copy others content or same tricks for an aimed place. But when search engines ensure about it, then you get dangerous penalties for lifetimes.

Gray Hat is not a special thing cause it follows Search engine rules. And also copy other content sometimes. 

Let’s know SEO’s internally part like:

  • ON-Page SEO
  • OFF-Page SEO

=> 1st one that is on-page, It is mainly activities on inside of websites activities. It plays a great role in existing on top place for SERPs.

=> 2nd one is off-page, In this sector, activities are totally external side from websites. Making link building is the main part of this platform.

Get Great Benefits From SEO:

Actually, in simple ways who have so much money for investing ad campaigns on search engines that are different issues. But in the beginning time maximum of business holders want to organically reach consumers. Just follow tricks & rules then get benefits from SEO.

Mainly SEO can bring potential leads with sales-generating.

Now let’s get a few advantages of SEO:

  • Get huge numbers of active visitors on your site.
  • To continue SEO activities you haven’t to pay any percentages.
  • It can generate extra clicks than Pay Per Click systems.
  • SEO Maintain reputation message of relationships, that it helps PR.
  • You can continue competitions for improving ranks with SEO strategy.