Designing and crafting logos that have an impact

Although consumers see many logos, they only remember a few.

Although most brands are aware of what they stand for it can be difficult to translate their values into a symbol. We have learned over 17 years of experience building brands that memorable logos are not something that happens by chance.

DfiveIT’s logo design process is informed both by sound strategy and high-quality research. Our team works closely with clients to design a logo that is memorable and something your audience will be proud to wear.

Designing and crafting logos
Strategy DfiveIT


Smart brands understand that a logo can be a powerful storytelling tool. Because they are instantly associated with emotions, moments, and attitudes, today’s iconic brand symbols have a status that is unmatched. They don’t begin like this. They are able to take up that space in the mind of the consumer.

Your brand must spend the time to listen and learn from your audience in order to forge a strong relationship. This process can open up many questions about your brand and the brand you would like to be five, ten, or a decade down the road.

A brand story that is impactful should be memorable, but it must have solid research to support it. Research is the foundation of every logo design.

How great logos are made

A brand’s first logo design is an important moment. The task is approached with clear objectives and a steady, methodical approach. Our process is based on research and iterative by design. We are also informed by years of practical experience building brands across virtually every industry.

Discover Your point of view

The client is the first step in our process. Creating a logo that is authentic to a brand’s identity, it takes honest conversations. As we work towards research, ideation, and logo creation, questions about brand perceptions, identity, aspirations, competitive whitespace, and external brand perception, serve as our guide.

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DfiveIT Strategy


Imagine a website that is business-oriented

A strategy for a website is a way to align the proposed structure and content and features to business goals. It’s where we take high-level decisions about the direction of the website.

They pinpoint issues and potential opportunities and provide recommendations. After the process, we create an outline of the strategy that will guide the design of the website and establishes the direction for the project.


In the process of planning Information designers and UX designers transform the strategic direction into a plan for the website. [Link to IA + UX pageLink to page on IA + UX

The first important deliverable is a sitemap that outlines the layout and structure of the website’s pages. Wireframes are next – low-fidelity white and black and white images that demonstrate the structure of every page template. The deliverables we provide are backed by as much research as we are able to conduct We’re incredibly enthusiastic about getting our ideas out to people to try and make them better.

DfiveIT Planning
DfiveIT Design


The website is back to its original form

It is here that the hard work begins to pay off. The process begins with an exploratory approach – just as the name implies We explore a variety of options with you, to get a sense of how you can represent your company’s image.

Certain of our clients adhere to strict guidelines for their brand, while others require guidelines on how to establish or redefine their brand. We’re at ease dealing with each.

The final deliverables from the design phase include full-color mockups of every template, which build upon wireframes that were created during the planning phase. Each mockup is shown to your team for in-depth feedback throughout the process starting at the home page. And because a responsive design is a must We design for mobile, desktop, and tablet devices, optimizing each aspect and interaction for every device.

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