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DfiveIT has established a business development collaboration with Enterprise Information Solutions (EIS) to expand ERP market with DreamApps Inc. and ensure successful Implementation and smooth operation after implementation. A WEB based ERP solution for multilevel and diversified business platform, which contains 100+ modules to support all types of business. This ERP solution is customizable to any extent, even on screen-customization is done in it without any interruption or shutting down any system when the user is working or online.

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DfiveIT projects are grounded on integrating between modern technology and creative ideas to achieve comprehensive customer satisfaction. DfiveIT was founded in 2014 and its 100% independent and owner-managed.

DfiveIT consists of experts in strategy, creative, user experience, technology, content, and optimization. You can get in dfiveIT the best website design, apps, e-commerce project, graphic design, and logo design with minimal cost.

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With You All The Way

The 5 Service Quality Dimensions

TANGIBLE – Tangible service quality dimension refers to the physical facilities, equipment, communication, transport and personnel.

RELIABILITY – Reliability refers to how the company works on its promise of quality and accuracy for the customer.

RESPONSIVENESS – Responsiveness, quality refers to the attention to the customers’ job, communication, and willingness of the employees to successful completion of the project.

ASSURANCE – Assurance service quality refers to the company staff members’ skill, strength, and ability of project handling and troubleshooting the critical stages to ensure the successful completion of the project and gain customers’ trust and confidence.

EMPATHY – Empathy service quality refers to how the company takes care of the customer and project, giving attention individually to ensure the customer gets a feeling of extra special care.

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